Month: August 2017

Showcase: Magnetic Mic

Leslie Emergency Vehicles has become the authorized Canadian distributor for the Magnetic Mic. Most police and CB vehicles use a conventional hang-up mic clip, which can cause distracted driving, but the new Magnetic Mic takes distracted driving out of the picture.


Magnetic Mic replaces the hanging clip for your radio, allowing you to quickly return your radio mic to its holder and focus on the task at hand, driving. Magnetic Mic works by using its slotted metal to fit over and lock onto the back of your microphone. The magnetic base replaces the hang-up clip and allows to let go of the microphone when you get close enough to the base, without taking your eyes off the road. Magnetic Mic is easy to install and is designed to work with all manufactured microphones and radio settings. You can install it anywhere, even in places that are out of sight, as long as it’s within the drivers reach. Magnetic Mic is used in a wide range of industries, not just police, fire, and EMS. It can also be utilized in the military, commercial trucking, transportation, mining, and in oil and gas. If you use a microphone, you can benefit from the Magnetic Mic.

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