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Showcase: WPS-2900 Series

Our supplier, Whelen Engineering Company Inc., has been in the industry for over six decades. During those years, they have designed and created a mass notification system that warns the public of natural and human-made events such as tornadoes, tsunamis, flash floods, and campus safety issues. Whelen incorporates a three-step process within their notification system: Alert, Inform, and Direct (A.I.D.), in order to eliminate confusion, restore order, and save lives.

The WPS-2900 Series is a battery operated siren system with ten models to choose from. Each model consists of a speaker assembly, electronics cabinet, pole trap bracket, and 50’ cabling. Every model is assembled and tested before being shipped out, so you rest assured your product is in exceptional working condition. The WPS-2900 Series comes with six warning tones and is voice capable using pre-recorded messagesboth delivering powerful and clear communication. Choosing a Whelen system is choosing one designed with the public’s safety as the priority.

For more information and additional photos, visit www.whelen.com. To install the WPS-2900 Series, contact us at 1-905-878-8457 or info@leslieemergency.ca.

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