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Showcase: Havis DS-PAN-1200

The DS-PAN-1200 docking station from Havis is rugged yet ultralight, while keeping productivity at a maximum. Despite its toughness, this docking solution remains one of the lightest on the market. The Havis DS-PAN-1200 is certified to be compatible with the Panasonic Toughbook 33 tablet and is unique in that it creates space for additional batteries and hand strap Toughbook accessories.

With all the connectivity you would need and more, the DS-PAN-1200 comes equipped with 6 USB ports, 2 RJ45 ethernet ports, DB9 9-pin connector and 15.6 V DC power input. Safety and security are also a priority with its rounded corners and secure key locking system to prevent theft.

Maximizing space inside your vehicle, the Havis docking station is designed to keep the lowest of profiles. The cable management slots on the bottom and sides eliminate the presence of messy cables, keeping everything slim and neat.

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Showcase: Xantrex PowerHub 1800

The Xantrex PowerHub 1800 is an affordable scalable power solution that is both clean and green. The unit provides off-grid power and also acts as a suitable backup system for grid-connected homes. The PowerHub 1800 is compatible with heavy duty trucks, work vehicles, as well as speciality and recreational vehicles.

Combining both an inverter and charging module, the Xantrex PowerHub 1800 provides up to 1800 watts of power. The product is also the first backup power solution to operate in unison with solar and wind inputs. This quiet system is the perfect alternative to a strong smelling, noisy and intrusive generator. It will work in the background, unnoticed.

Using the four AC outlets, the PowerHub 1800 supplies extensive power for several different devices at once. For example, the hub can provide an average 18 cubic feet freezer with up to 30 hours of backup power. The scalable system can be expanded further to meet users’ needs, with a second battery which adds an additional 400 amp hours of energy. With an LED display for system monitoring, Xantrex’s PowerHub 1800 is simple and easy to operate.

For more information and additional photos, visit Xantrex’s website. To install the Xantrex PowerHub 1800, contact us at 1-905-878-8457 or

Showcase: Blue Sea Systems Sure Eject

Blue Sea Systems’ Sure Eject is an automated AC connector that ensures your vehicle is always ready to go at a second’s notice. Not only does this product allow instantaneous ejection, it also protects and prevents against damage to vehicles, equipment and workers.

The design of the Sure Eject enables one-handed operation to streamline both ejection and insertion. By doing so, the product also minimizes the risk of injury to operators and allows users to operate it with gloves. In addition, an LED light indicates the connection status allowing operators to quickly identify whether power is being drawn.

Using a self-recessed ejection piston, the Sure Eject system eliminates the chance of failure with no cocking required. Compatible with existing 15A and 20A plugs and featuring a contoured cover to avoid faulty ejections, the Sure Eject is the perfect product to optimize vehicle charging.

The system was designed to enable easy mounting and ease of retrofitting. Additionally, Blue Sea Systems has created 6 different coloured covers which allow different units to be assigned to different vehicles by colour.

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Showcase: Whelen ION Mini T-Series

Whelen ION Mini T-Series

As the most versatile surface mounted light ever made, Whelen’s new ION Mini T-Series expertly combines compact design with high performance. The Mini T-Series is 3.34” inches long, making it an even more compact version of the ION-T Lighthead at 5.14” inches. This product features hard-coated lenses that prevent environmental damages caused by the sun, salt and road chemicals. It also includes 25 Scan-Lock™ flash patterns. For maximum safety, the ION Mini T-Series provides perimeter warningfender to grill, bumper to trunk.

With super-LED optics, this new model meets SAE Class 1 specifications and can easily be mounted to any surface with just two screws. The ION Mini T-Series can also be programmed to sync with other Whelen products. Rated IP67 in dust and water resistance, the product’s amp draw is 0.4 amps at peak and 0.16 amps on average.


The ION Mini T-Series is sleek, simple, and only from Whelen.

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Showcase: Xantrex Freedom HF EMS – NEW GENERATION

Our supplier, Xantrex, is recognized as a world leader in the development and manufacturing of advanced power electronic products and systems for the mobile power market. Xantrex power solutions offers a wide selection of breakthrough technology with higher efficiency than traditional power conversion equipment. They recognize the dependency on electronic devices and appliances, along with the need for reliable mobile power solutions that enable their use anytime, anywhere.

Xantrex Freedom HF EMS – NEW GENERATION was deemed the Hot New Product at the 2017 EMS World Expo. This new ‘ambulance ready’ version of the Freedom HF series is one of the smallest, lightest, and most affordable inverters on the market. This charger was designed exclusively for a wide variety of electronics and appliances in emergency and specialty transport vehicles. The product is available in two models: the 1000W with a 55A multistage charger and the 1800W unit with a 40A charger.

With a new ignition lockout feature, the redefined Freedom HF EMS has the ability to minimize battery drain by disabling the inverter when the ignition is turned off. It is also equipped with a pre-attached 25’ extension cable for remote system monitoring. Additionally, the product design includes an auxiliary 12 Vdc power module, an automatic three-stage battery charger, and a built-in 30 amp relay to automatically transfer between inverter power and incoming AC utility power. 

The Freedom HF EMS Inverter/Charger has many protection features such as battery overvoltage and undervoltage protection, as well as over-temperature shutdown. It comes with automatic overload, short circuit, and ground fault protection. The charger is also compliant with KKK-A-1822 and is ETL certified to UL458 for use in mobile applications.

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Showcase: Blue Sea Systems Automatic Timer Disconnect

Blue Sea Systems Automatic Timer Disconnect

Blue Sea Systems has designed over 1,000 electrical products that work collectively as a fully integrated system. As an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, product quality is managed to be consistent with international standards. Blue Sea Systems will replace or provide credit for any products found to be defective in material or manufacture. Our supplier stands behind their products for as long as they are owned.

The Automatic Timer Disconnect is a new battery-saving product with four ways to manage your batteries: timer disconnect, low voltage disconnect, automatic charging relay, or solenoid.

The timer disconnect function allows 12V signal triggers to relay battery power and connect to devices. Once the signal has stopped, the timer is activated and disconnects devices at a preset time. The timer ranges from 15 minutes to 4 hours in length.

The low voltage disconnect is programmed to automatically disconnect devices after sensing low battery voltage. This setting can also be used in conjunction with timer disconnect to preserve battery power by turning off devices prior to the preset time.

The automatic charging relay combines two batteries when charging and isolates them when discharging. The single side sensing design monitors the voltage of the start battery specifically. The automatic charging relay is ideal for auxiliary batteries that are AGM or significantly larger than the start battery.

The solenoid uses 12V signals to connect or disconnect relay without any time delay.

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Showcase: WPS-2900 Series

Our supplier, Whelen Engineering Company Inc., has been in the industry for over six decades. During those years, they have designed and created a mass notification system that warns the public of natural and human-made events such as tornadoes, tsunamis, flash floods, and campus safety issues. Whelen incorporates a three-step process within their notification system: Alert, Inform, and Direct (A.I.D.), in order to eliminate confusion, restore order, and save lives.

The WPS-2900 Series is a battery operated siren system with ten models to choose from. Each model consists of a speaker assembly, electronics cabinet, pole trap bracket, and 50’ cabling. Every model is assembled and tested before being shipped out, so you rest assured your product is in exceptional working condition. The WPS-2900 Series comes with six warning tones and is voice capable using pre-recorded messagesboth delivering powerful and clear communication. Choosing a Whelen system is choosing one designed with the public’s safety as the priority.

For more information and additional photos, visit To install the WPS-2900 Series, contact us at 1-905-878-8457 or

Want to learn about other Whelen products? Check out our blog post on the Freedom IV Series.

Showcase: Xantrex PROsine Power Inverter

Xantrex is a world leader in manufacturing power electronic products and systems for mobile power markets. They offer products that are smaller, smarter, and more efficient than traditional equipment out on the market. Xantrex meets the needs of a wide range of customers and provides products for emergency and utility vehicles, recreational vehicles, heavy-duty trucks, and automobiles. You can trust that when we install a Xantrex product, you’re getting the best of the best.

The PROsine Power Inverter is designed for recreational and industrial applications, offering an identical true sine wave output to the AC power supplied by your utility. It can handle a variety of AC loads and comes with a two-year warranty, giving you with the comfort of knowing that you’re covered in case of emergencies. The PROsine features 1000 and 1800 watt inverters and an LCD display that can be mounted remotely for easy control and monitoring capabilities. The power save mode only draws 1.5 watts, saving energy for when you need it most. Like all Xantrex products, the PROsine Power Inverter provides optimal performance so you can focus on the task at hand.

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Showcase: Freedom IV Series

Whelen Engineering has been around for over six decades with the goal to bring life-saving products and innovation to the industry. With the most extensive staff of engineers in the industry and dedication to strict quality control, you can rest assured all Whelen products are built and tested to the highest standards in mind.  

Whelen Freedom IV Series is reliable and built to last and is SAE Class 1 Certified. Constructed with transparent outer domes with clear dividers and colour domes for center and end sections, which also provides the option for alley windows and take-down light options. All Freedom models are built with dependability in mind and feature, 100% solid-state electronics, 12 VDC and an extruded aluminum platform. All models are available with either a permanent mount with passenger side cable exit or model specific driver side option. With a five year warranty and hard-coated lenses that minimise damage from sand, salt, sun, and road chemicals, you can rest easy knowing that this light-bar is covered for whatever life throws its way.


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Showcase: Magnetic Mic

Leslie Emergency Vehicles has become the authorized Canadian distributor for the Magnetic Mic. Most police and CB vehicles use a conventional hang-up mic clip, which can cause distracted driving, but the new Magnetic Mic takes distracted driving out of the picture.


Magnetic Mic replaces the hanging clip for your radio, allowing you to quickly return your radio mic to its holder and focus on the task at hand, driving. Magnetic Mic works by using its slotted metal to fit over and lock onto the back of your microphone. The magnetic base replaces the hang-up clip and allows to let go of the microphone when you get close enough to the base, without taking your eyes off the road. Magnetic Mic is easy to install and is designed to work with all manufactured microphones and radio settings. You can install it anywhere, even in places that are out of sight, as long as it’s within the drivers reach. Magnetic Mic is used in a wide range of industries, not just police, fire, and EMS. It can also be utilized in the military, commercial trucking, transportation, mining, and in oil and gas. If you use a microphone, you can benefit from the Magnetic Mic.

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