Showcase: Blue Sea Systems Automatic Timer Disconnect

Blue Sea Systems has designed over 1,000 electrical products that work collectively as a fully integrated system. As an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, product quality is managed to be consistent with international standards. Blue Sea Systems will replace or provide credit for any products found to be defective in material or manufacture. Our supplier stands behind their products for as long as they are owned.

The Automatic Timer Disconnect is a new battery-saving product with four ways to manage your batteries: timer disconnect, low voltage disconnect, automatic charging relay, or solenoid.

The timer disconnect function allows 12V signal triggers to relay battery power and connect to devices. Once the signal has stopped, the timer is activated and disconnects devices at a preset time. The timer ranges from 15 minutes to 4 hours in length.

The low voltage disconnect is programmed to automatically disconnect devices after sensing low battery voltage. This setting can also be used in conjunction with timer disconnect to preserve battery power by turning off devices prior to the preset time.

The automatic charging relay combines two batteries when charging and isolates them when discharging. The single side sensing design monitors the voltage of the start battery specifically. The automatic charging relay is ideal for auxiliary batteries that are AGM or significantly larger than the start battery.

The solenoid uses 12V signals to connect or disconnect relay without any time delay.

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